Meet Ovy
Ovidiu Pop (Ovy) was born and raised in Romania, more specifically in the region of Transylvania. Growing up he was not fascinated with the vampire myths sorrowing his culture, but instead became fascinated with the delicious traditional pastries that his mother baked to mark special occasions. His mother, an excellent baker, is the person to thank for Ovy's skillful talent in making the famous pastries that warm not only the taste buds of customers, but also their hearts.

As a graduate of Kendall College, Chicago's #1 Culinary Program, Ovy's fascination with fresh and natural ingredients stem from his education, which was further substantiated by his years in some of Chicago's finest kitchens such as Balsan (Elysian Hotel now Waldorf Astoria), and Blackbird (1-Michelin star). It was here that Ovy realized the value of using the freshest, most natural ingredients, resulting in the most flavor-intensive dishes.

Ovidiu formed his talent around the idea of culture, tradition, and family. That explains why every stranger to walk into Ovy's becomes an instant friend and loyal customer. Ovy's baking style is rooted in Translyvania, but reflects the refinement he has learned in his recent years at Balsan and Blackbrid. His pastries are a result of his use of modern pastry making technique, and fine ingredients yet traditional at heart.

At Ovy's Transylvanian Bakery, we pride ourselves on making delicious Transylvanian pastries such as Cremes, Amandina and Savarina, also some of the classic American desserts, using only the finest ingredients.